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Those who spend several days in the mountains or out in the wild will rarely find power sources to charge mobile devices such as smartphones or GPS devices, and especially since the gadgets now consume much more energy than before.

The remedy here is a so-called power bank, which serves as an external energy source to recharge dead batteries. But what even they run out of juice after use? All that remains is the solar cells, which you can use to charge the batteries using the power of the sun.

In addition to external solutions via a solar panel, some power banks have an integrated solar cell.  

OUTXE is an outdoor lifestyle brand committed to producing well designed, robust products for the active outdoor living. The name OUTXE stands for "Outdoor Xtreme Energy" – and that's exactly what the company wants to offer. Thus, the Asian outdoor brand aims to counter the often poor quality of many low-cost products with long-lasting and reliable alternatives.

Designed specifically for the high demands of outdoor adventures, OUTXE products include both Savage Power Banks, rugged camping lanterns and waterproof bags. Unlike other manufacturers, OUTXE offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty on the functionality of its own products, including free customer service.


"Perfect for outdoor trips" is how the manufacturer advertises its IP67-standard waterproof, dustproof and shockproof battery. But the real highlight is the unit’s integrated solar panel, through which the battery can be charged outdoors with the power of the sun. The environmentally friendly and self-contained system provides reliable access to emergency power during camping, hiking and/or backpacking trips.

 Its 10,000 mAh capacity should provide enough energy to charge an iPhone 8 up to 3.5 times or a Galaxy S8 twice. Optionally, a version of 20,000 mAh is offered, which offers even more juice. Both have multi-circuit protection to prevent short circuits, overheating and overcharging.

The Powerbank is charged via a mini-USB port and with two USB sockets enables users to charge two mobile devices at the same time. The currently available capacity can be called up via a six-digit LED display, which glows blue when fully charged and red when charging. There is also an integrated flashlight with three lighting modes (normal/low / SOS).


The Test Verdict of Veit: 

The real deal, with sunny backup, for extended multi-day tours in the open air.

After we towed a GoalZero power bank across New Zealand and were left unconvinced, we were a bit skeptical. However, the OUTXE Savage Solar Charger quickly taught us a lesson, because the solar battery packs together what the industry leader had left in his backpack. Accordingly, we find the practical compact pack size (with a weight of around 330 grams), which roughly corresponds to a small soda can.

Not perfect, but more efficient. Once charged, the capacity is enough to charge a Samsung Galaxy S5 battery 2.5 times. However, you have to accept that the charging time, unless the battery is completely full, will be much more drawn out.


You can occasionally check the level by pressing the power button and observing the six LEDs on the front. Prolonged pressure can also be used to switch the LED lamp (integrated at the head end) on and off and switch between three lighting modes. It’s a nice gimmick that cannot replace a headlamp but is quite helpful in a tent at night.

The case makes a very robust impression, lies well, has a non-slip handgrip and can withstand even a fall from a few meters height. Even a short dive in the river is not a problem, as the cover for the USB ports seals the case well and securely.

The only drawback to the power bank is its quite long charging times, both via the regular power grid and the sun. The solar panel presupposes that the sun is shining quite strongly in a cloudless sky; otherwise, the power flowing from the solar panel is unfortunately not enough for reliable charging.


The Overall Conclusion

The OUTXE Savage is a rugged power bank with a solar panel that provides extra energy during multi-day trips through the mountains. For charging smartphones or smaller mobile gadgets, the pre-charged solar battery is ideal because it packs easily and, thanks to the solar panel, carries a further power reserve in the housing. However, you shouldn’t rely on it too much, since it’s insufficient to reliably charge the battery.


+ up to 3 phones charges

+ compact size

+ two USB ports for dual charging

+ robust, shockproof and waterproof housing




- Charging via solar panel takes a long time

- relatively heavy in weight

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