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Especially on longer tours when you have an insufficient power supply, a power bank can be a great help – for example, if your smartphone goes dead, your MP3 player runs out of juice or your eBook reader displays only a black screen. The selection of such "chargers" is huge and ranges from cheap to high-end versions. To be both inexpensive and premium quality is the goal of the "Power Bank from OUTXE - Outdoor Xtreme Energy". But does it deliver what its advertising promises? Let’s find out.

Energy for the road

When your hike is at its most beautiful, you want to capture the breathtaking landscape in a photo. Of course, your phone battery will be dead. That’s why it’s smart to carry a power bank to quickly provide additional energy. You just plug your mobile phone into it, and the phone works. Now you can take pictures, continue hiking and later, look forward to your great snapshots.

One power banks that don’t break the bank and sets itself apart for rugged outdoor use is the Savage 10000mAh from OUTXE, a Hong Kong-based company. Developed and produced in China by the military, it is currently available in the US, UK, and Germany via Amazon.

outxe savage power bank review from thebackpacker.de

Unboxing - a first impression

The advertising boasts about the power bank’s serious feature set: the unit is waterproofed to the IP67 standard, dustproof, shockproof and has a non-slip grip. In fact, after the first unpacking, it makes a solid impression – not only the edges, which are equipped with shock absorbers, but also the all-around protection that seals and shields the interior and catches the eye. The cap on the connections close tightly, so neither dust nor moisture can penetrate into the interior. Nice!


The accessories are also promising. Apart from the included charging cable (only the cable – a plug or power adapter does not exist) and a short manual (actually more a leaflet in four languages), there is a carabiner and a wrist strap on top. That's handy since you can easily attach the power bank to your backpack and provide the smartphone with electricity while you’re hiking.

outxe savage solar charger review from thebackpacker.de

Handling and functionality

Charging the power bank is simple, provided you have a suitable charger with a USB port at hand. This should ideally have a maximum of 5V / 3A, which will ensure the batteries in the power bank get fully charged. The manufacturer indicates a charging cycle of 6 to 7 hours, which also matches my previous experience. If you charge the unit overnight, you should have a fully charged battery the next morning. Initially, I wondered why no separate power supply was included, but now I think it’s no big deal, as power supplies with USB ports of the right voltage/amperage range are now in abundance. In addition, the battery can also be charged via a car charger or laptop.


As a special - and quite convincing – a gimmick, the power bank can be recharged via the solar panel mounted on the back. The carabiner also makes sense, since the power bank can still be operated while you’re hiking and the unit is hanging on the back of your backpack. However, the solar cells are not quite as productive as electricity from a wall socket. With only 1.8 watts of maximum power, it just takes too long for the batteries to fully recharge. But after all, as an emergency power supply, it might be very useful in dangerous situations or if you need help.


Also on board is a built-in flashlight, activated by pressing the on / off switch twice. It has two levels of brightness as well as an SOS signal, which is widely visible thanks to LED technology. Thus, the power bank is not only a charger for mobile devices but also a night light and emergency rescue beacon all in one. That's great!

outxe savage power bank 10000mah review from thebackpacker.de

My previous experience

For three weeks, I have had the power bank in constant use. It is solidly built and looks, in my opinion, to be really outdoor-appropriate. The solar panel and waterproofing are pluses – I found the latter especially helpful in the Berlin rain. The capacity of 10,000 mAh is said to be enough to fully charge a smartphone five times. I have not achieved this yet – after four charges, I have to plug the power bank back into the socket. So there is room for improvement. Even the weight of the battery, at just under 328g, is somewhat uncomfortable, especially in the outdoors, where every gram counts. But apart from these - rather negligible - disadvantages, it is worth every penny and has now become my constant companion on hiking tours.



+ Shockproof, non-slip grip

+ Solar panel for emergency power

+ Attachment options (carabiner & Co.)


- a bit heavy

- Solar panel too weak to fully charge the battery 

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