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The OUTXE Solar Power Bank  Perfect for Hiking and the Outdoors

Today I’d like to introduce you to the OUTXE Savage Power Bank and talk more generally about battery packs (power banks). Without an external battery, I can’t go on tours anymore. My phone battery or camera dies after two hours – and I can’t post anything on Instagram!

OUTXE savage solar charger review from edc-test-online.de

What is a power bank?

A power bank is a mobile energy storage unit. An additional battery for your smartphones is helpful when there is no other charging option. Powerbanks * are available as regular batteries, which you can pre-charge at a wall outlet, or – even more helpful and environmentally friendly – charge using a solar module. 

That means you can use solar energy to charge your phone, GoPro, and other devices or operate a flashlight.


The OUTXE Solar Power Bank - Who Needs it?

An additional battery powered by a power bank is for active people who travel a lot. Whether they’re hiking, camping or engaging in other activities in nature, they have no power supply for their smartphone.

 When your phone battery is dead, features such as emergency calling, GPS, and hiking maps are useless. In these cases, a solar battery pack is a perfect companion.

Outxe savage solar power bank review from edc-test-online.de 2

The OUTXE Solar Power Bank - the Outdoors Companion 

What makes the OUTXE Savage Solar Power bank so special? 

First of all, solar chargers are not only environmentally friendly but also incredibly practical. During a hike, the OUTXE Solar Charger can easily be attached to the rucksack with a carabiner. While you enjoy the outdoors in peace, the battery is charged by the sun. 

What's really unique about the OUTXE Solar Battery is that it's really durable and sturdy! This is rare in today's products. The charger is particularly suitable for outdoor use, and it’s shockproof and waterproof.

In the dark, this helpful tool proves utility with its integrated LED flashlight, which has three different light modes.

The OUTXE battery pack has a capacity of 10.000mAh, so you can recharge an iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8 several times with full battery charge. The 1.8W (360 mA) solar panel charges faster than comparable panels.

Indicator lights show the battery status and the solar charge. The premium battery cells are protected against short circuits, overheating and overcharging, and industry-certified.

Weighing in at just under 300 grams, this power back can be easily transported and stowed away. The panel remains operable for 30 minutes underwater (up to 1-meter depth). Due to its impact-resistant, non-slip rubber military-grade construction, falls cannot damage the device.

Outxe savage solar power bank 10000mah review from edc-test-online.de

Summary of the OUTXE Solar Power Bank 10000mAh

A worry-free hiking tour with GPS tracking via smartphone, camping without having to carry several flashlights – all this is possible with the solar power bank from OUTXE. 

With the solar panel, outdoor types will be well equipped for any situation. It’s easy to carry or hang on a backpack or in a tent, thanks to the handy carabiner attached to the unit. The integrated LED flashlight offers excellent illumination. 

But the best thing about the product is its longevity and robustness. Only a few manufacturers offer products like that. 

You can buy the solar power bank directly on the OUTXE website. >Link<


Have you ever used power banks? Which model is your favorite, and why?

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