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The OUTXE 2-in-1 IP68 Waterproof Camping Lantern is the logical further development of a simple flashlight. Thanks to the IP68 standard, it also offers a light source up to 2 meters underwater.

Specially designed for camping, hiking, hiking and rock climbing, fishing, kayaking and many other outdoor activities, the lamp is said to provide an impressive 100 lumens of luminosity.

Five light modes (High / Low / Red light / Flash / SOS) can be selected by pressing a button. The different modes–cold white at two different brightness levels; red light or red strobe light; and an SOS strobe light – cover all sorts of applications, from lighting in the tent to underwater photography.

 outxe mini lantern

The built-in battery lasts up to 60 hours, depending on the lighting level, which can also be used to charge mobile devices via the integrated USB port.

For USB charging, only a screw cap must be opened, which protects the connections safely from moisture. The capacity of the 2.600mAh backup battery is enough to charge most mobile devices once.

Thanks to the compact pack size, the camping lamp fits perfectly into any bag or backpack and can be attached almost anywhere using the integrated hook. Simple and compact, the lamp weighs just 130 grams, so it can be taken anywhere.

The case is also extremely pressure- and impact-resistant, which makes it withstand even high-altitude falls.


The Test judgment of Veit:

A camping lamp with something extra – and sufficient capacity for emergencies. 

If you’re looking for a power bank that also backs light for multi-day tours, the OUTXE 2-in-1 Camping Lantern is the best choice. The Camping lamp provides enough light to reliably illuminate tent and rooms and, thanks to the compact pack size, fits even in a fully-packed backpack. It may not look very robust, but the housing – only 130 grams – is tough.

You can choose between 5 light modes, which you can toggle between by pressing and holding the power button. You can use the backup battery to charge your phone in an emergency.


The pros and cons at a glance: 

The OUTXE Rugged Camping Lantern is the perfect alternative to powerful power banks, which are usually good for one task. Here you get two devices in one, at an unbeatable weight-performance ratio.


+ 2-in-1 device (lantern and power bank) 

+ Robust, waterproof

+ Compact packing size

+ Cheaper price


-  no separate button to check the battery

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